Why Ray of Light Coaching?

Kiran and Karuna

Some of you may be asking why my coaching practice for modern parents is called Ray of Light Coaching. First of all, what a coach really offers to her clients is herself: her personality, personal qualities, skills, attributes, attitudes, history and perspectives. What makes the coach as a human being unique and attractive is what makes her desirable as a coach. In that spirit, I got personal with myself in naming my practice. My name, Continue Reading

Service as an Antidote to Privilege


   How many of you live in a place like we do (Silicon Valley) where there is so much money floating around that kids realities are skewed to believing that things like expensive European vacations, multimillion dollar homes and every opportunity known to human kind lies at their finger tips?  It's Continue Reading

Special Time Can Take The Edge Off Sibling Rivalry!


    Do you find that your  angel children often act like devils when they start fighting over toys, your lap, the silliest things?  In Siblings Without Rivalry, the authors discuss the roots of the constant tension often present between siblings:  their need for individual connection and their Continue Reading

UME Play Space: Fun for the Whole Family!


    When I first had my second daughter, I was staying at home with her and often had full days of care for both she and her older sister who was about 3 years old.  As many Moms can relate, I often felt overwhelmed with sleep deprivation and their un-synced schedules for eating, play and naps.  I Continue Reading

All Joy and No Fun Book Review


In All Joy and No Fun, The Paradox of Modern Parenthood, author Jennifer Senior takes readers through a history and analysis of how modern parenting has become the paradox that it is today. Rather than asking, as most parenting books do, about what effect parents have on their children, she spins Continue Reading

Connect Before You Correct!


     Brain science has a lot to teach parents about why their kids exhibit "off track   behavior" and what the most effective responses to these behaviors are. The limbic brain is what I call in my Parenting by Connection classes the "downstairs," or foundation, of a child's developing brain.  Continue Reading

Date Night In


    So often as couples with kids we hear the general wisdom that we have to have "date nights" to keep our marriages exciting, to protect against the inevitable marital strain of constant child care and sleeplessness. To this advice I respond, how bout once the kids are in bed you stay in and Continue Reading

Really Listening: One Simple Tool to Try Today!


As a coach, I often reflect on what listening really is, how simple it is, and unfortunately, how rare true, present listening really is.  If you stop and think about your last interaction with your spouse, was each of you listening? I define real listening as putting aside your own agenda to be Continue Reading

Weekly Family Meetings


    In the hustle bustle of modern family living, it's easy to literally forget to talk to the people we love.  It's common for mothers and fathers to go days, weeks, months without sitting down to really share what is going on in their lives, discuss important matters, and connect in a deep way.  Continue Reading

Balancing it All: Top 5 Ways to Become Minimalist

Family holding hands

  In today's intense work and parenting times, many of us find ourselves hurriedly running around in the car from appointment to activity, returning home to clutter and chaos.  There is hardly a chance to breathe, much less feel balanced. There is a movement gaining momentum which encourages us, Continue Reading

Tantrum Taming 101

Toddler throwing a tantrum

      Is your toddler starting to tantrum at the most inopportune moments?  Have you been feeling that your once angelic baby is turning into some kind of demon? I remember lamenting my child's transition to toddlerhood until I found a few amazing parenting tools which now make me feel secure and Continue Reading