Why Ray of Light Coaching?

Kiran and Karuna

Some of you may be asking why my coaching practice for modern parents is called Ray of Light Coaching. First of all, what a coach really offers to her clients is herself: her personality, personal qualities, skills, attributes, attitudes, history and perspectives. What makes the coach as a human being unique and attractive is what makes her desirable as a coach. In that spirit, I got personal with myself in naming my practice. My name, Continue Reading

Really Listening: One Simple Tool to Try Today!


As a coach, I often reflect on what listening really is, how simple it is, and unfortunately, how rare true, present listening really is.  If you stop and think about your last interaction with your spouse, was each of you listening? I define real listening as putting aside your own agenda to be Continue Reading

Weekly Family Meetings


    In the hustle bustle of modern family living, it's easy to literally forget to talk to the people we love.  It's common for mothers and fathers to go days, weeks, months without sitting down to really share what is going on in their lives, discuss important matters, and connect in a deep Continue Reading

Balancing it All: Top 5 Ways to Become Minimalist

Family holding hands

  In today's intense work and parenting times, many of us find ourselves hurriedly running around in the car from appointment to activity, returning home to clutter and chaos.  There is hardly a chance to breathe, much less feel balanced. There is a movement gaining momentum which encourages Continue Reading

Tantrum Taming 101

Toddler throwing a tantrum

      Is your toddler starting to tantrum at the most inopportune moments?  Have you been feeling that your once angelic baby is turning into some kind of demon? I remember lamenting my child's transition to toddlerhood until I found a few amazing parenting tools which now make me feel Continue Reading

Non-Violent Communication Can Save Your Marriage!

NVC Tree of Life

Do you find yourself having yelling matches with your spouse, in front of or within earshot of your kids, frequently enough that you and your spouse know it’s time for a change? Most of the time when couples yell in fights, it’s because either one or both of the people in the couple have Continue Reading

What’s Your Type?

nine personality types on blackboard

The Enneagram is a robust system of personality, self-awareness and personal growth. As parents, we are challenged daily to grow ourselves into our best selves so as to meet the developing needs of our children in a peaceful and loving manner. The Enneagram can offer a path out of ineffective Continue Reading

Minimalist Parenting

When I first heard the title of Christine Koh and Ahsa Dornfest’s new book, Minimalist Parenting, I felt a wave of calm and relief come over my body. Finally, I thought, a parenting book which cuts to the chase and addresses the root of so many modern parents’ anxiety, worry and Continue Reading

Becoming a Second Time Parent


Are you contemplating the important question of whether to bring another child into your family? I went through the transition to second-time motherhood one year ago this month. Being a mom to two girls under 4 for the past 12 months has been amazing and challenging. I always thought if I had two Continue Reading

Family Time Management


When surveyed on topics they would most like to see in the newsletter, PAMP members responded that their number one interest was time management. Why is time management a top concern for PAMP members, and what can be done to address it? The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about Continue Reading

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto


As parents, we are often looking for the perfect answers about what our children most need from us. By the time many of us arrive at parenthood, we’ve often achieved success in our careers and feel as if we should be able to transfer that success to each of our interactions with our children. But Continue Reading