About Kiran Gaind

KiranLightGreen Kiran graduated from Cornell University in 1994.  After college, she spent time in her hometown volunteering as a 24 hour crisis counselor on a hotline sponsored by the YWCA for women experiencing domestic violence.  She interned at Legal Aid of Poughkeepsie, NY, and supported the attorneys with legal research, client interviews and case work.


Kiran moved to San Francisco in 1995 and was a paralegal for two years in SSI/Social Security law when she followed a deep intuition which guided her to let go of her law school plans and pursue a history teaching credential at San Francisco State University.  After taking Spanish classes for two years at City College of San Francisco, Kiran studied and became fluent in Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico, the summer before her credential program started.


Kiran spent the next 12 years teaching high school history, serving as a school reform leader, and coaching school principals in San Francisco’s Excelsior and Mission districts, East Oakland and Austin, TX.


During her time as a teacher and school reform leader at Mission High School, she had the good fortune to participate in a Gates Foundation-funded, Stanford University-supported school redesign effort which led to breakthrough results for Mission student’s college attendance rates.


This school reform experience led her to a district leadership position in Austin, TX and to begin consulting and coaching leaders of low performing schools in San Jose, CA to turn around their school performance in one year’s time.


During her tenure as an urban school teacher and reform leader, Kiran developed daily mindfulness and loving kindness (metta) meditation and yoga practices which grounded her momentary interactions in patience and often allowed for compassionate insight into the suffering of others.


After her first daughter turned 1 year old in 2010, Kiran left the workplace and decided to become certified as an integral coach at New Ventures West in San Francisco.


She started Ray of Light Coaching in 2011 in San Francisco, took a hiatus when her second daughter was born in summer of 2012 and relaunched in Palo Alto in 2014.


In 2012 Kiran participated in the Parenting by Connection certification course with Hand in Hand Parenting in Palo Alto.


Kiran is passionate about empowering modern parents and families to live true to their deepest-held values, pushing back against today’s frenetic modern family culture, to find the time, space and practices which truly make family life more joyful, fulfilling and fun.


Kiran lives on a quiet street in South Palo Alto with her husband and two young daughters.  She uses the tools she teaches in her own life and finds them to be empowering for her whole family.


Ray of Light Coaching
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