Baby Proofing Your Partnership

Building and Protecting Your Partnership to Thrive After Baby Arrives (3 months)

You’re starting to get this whole parenting thing down, accepting many of the changes your life has undergone since your baby arrived, but you and your partner feel like you are living on different planets. You haven’t connected in months and if things keep going at this rate, you might forget what it’s like to have a conversation with him/her about anything other than diapers and feedings. Take some time to build and protect your relationship, the foundation of any healthy family, with Baby Proofing Your Partnership.

What you will get:

  • 30 minute phone consultation
  • 3 hour intake session: 1 hour for each individual and 1 hour as a couple
  • A coaching program outlining daily, weekly, monthly, yearly practices to build and strengthen your partnership.
  • 10-12 90 minute weekly or biweekly sessions over a 3 months period. For each session, 30 minutes will be given to each individual and 30 minutes will be given to the couple.
  • Phone and email support for the duration of the program.
  • A Partnership Plan to take with you when our work together ends, so you can sustain your relationship together, without outside support.

What you will experience:

  • Non-judgmental, compassionate listening and support
  • Proactive ideas to solve your toughest relationship challenges
  • Openness to discuss any types of issues relevant to strengthening your partnership
  • Space to voice experiences, concerns and desires, as well as to forgive and let go of the past in order to move into the future
  • Humor and light heart-ed-ness whenever and wherever possible
  • Practical, efficient tools, practices and ideas to move you forward to the baby-proofed relationship you desire
  • Room to experiment with new ways of communicating

How You Will Feel:

  • Open and compassionate towards yourself, your partner and all parents’ struggles with similar issues
  • Positive and proactive in moving forward
  • Relieved to be heard and understood
  • Free to express your true feelings without editing or shame
  • Alive again, optimistic about romance and connection with your partner

What You Are Committing To:

  • Completing 3 assessments prior to our first meeting, which take 3 hours total for each partner.
  • Participating honestly and wholly in all of our sessions.
  • Reading and completing all assignments between and during our sessions.
  • Having an open mind, positive attitude and belief in yourself and your partner to move forward.
  • Paying in two installments: one due before our first session, the other due half way through our program.
  • Confidentiality

Contact Kiran at (415) 377-6791 or for current package pricing.

The price of a previous package will be deducted from the next package if you decide to continue with further coaching.

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