Being Your Own Kind of Good Mom

Today I’m working from home because my daughter had a fever yesterday and couldn’t go to her nanny share today. I also have a sitter here playing with her while I meet with clients, write, study and go to appointments that are on my calendar. Being a mompreneur with my own business has allowed me the flexibility to be the kind of Mom I need to be on days like this. Sometimes I feel disorganized in the midst of juggling work, child care and my daughter’s calls for me. At others, I feel guilty when I compare myself to an ideal of being with my daughter all day every day, having no work outside of caring for my family. And most of the time, I feel thankful for the freedom to define my own motherhood journey as it feels right and balanced for me.

It is common today for new Moms to feel the push and pull between options of staying at home with their kids or going to work and having child care. There of course is an endless number of arrangements in between depending on a Mom’s comfort with risk, availability of friends and family to spend time with their child, her own need to work outside the home, her communication skills, her age, her financial situation, and other factors.

Integral life coaching supports new Moms to define their own version of being a good Mom and guides them to find the skills and resources to make that vision a reality.

Moms who want to turn a passion, gift or talent into their own small business will be supported with a coaching program focused on Mompreneurship, using career counseling exercises, visioning skills and business building resources, case studies and knowledge.

Working Moms who want to create more balance in their family-work life will be supported by Kiran’s tailored life coaching program in translating their desires for part time schedules, working from home and other arrangements to spouses, bosses, coworkers and colleagues so that they can successfully ask for and create the balanced lifestyles they need to feel present and fulfilled.

If you are a new mom who is feeling a tug of war going on inside about crafting your own life as a satisfied and balanced Mom, call 415-377-6791 or email today to talk about your feelings, ideas and desires.

I can help you achieve your dream of family-work-life balance today!

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