5 Self Care Suggestions for Busy Parents

Ever since having my child I have needed to be extra conscious about taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. The weeks I fall off the self care wagon are harder – I have less patience, less compassion, working from a cup half empty than full. How do I take care of myself? There are a few MUSTS for me every week and month. I wanted to share these with you and ask all the hard working parents out there – what are you doing to take care of yourself on a regular and consistent basis? What would your energy levels and ability to parent be like if you were doing more? If your self care plan needs a little pick me up, use this list for ideas and get started today! The better you care for yourself, the better you’ll care for your loved ones, and the more your kids will learn how to take care of themselves when it’s their turn :).

1.) See a network chiropractor every week.
I see Aidan Kinsella of Verve Chiropractic (http://www.yelp.com/biz/verve-wellness-studio-san-francisco) in the Mission district of SF. She has helped me to change my relationship to my body and life, has helped to alleviate all the pain I experienced after I gave birth to my daughter, and has supported me in fulfilling many of my goals and dreams as a new Mom. If you’ve tried traditional chiropractic, this type of practice is very different. It’s much more gentle and it is appropriate for EVERYONE. If you are interested in releasing those kinks and pains in your neck, back, hips and shoulders, if you know there is a profound relationship between your body’s optimal functioning and your optimal functioning, check this care out. I can’t say enough great things about Aidan and the care she provides. IT will become a regular part of your care routine, so be warned, hard to resist. And it’s affordable!

2.) Exercise every day, in the way your body is asking.
Some days I go to the pool and “workout” with the older folks in Aqua Fit class. Others, I pop in a Turbo Jam DVD and get my kick boxing groove on in our building’s carpeted gym. And others I go to Zumba. I try to change it up and listen to what my body and heart are asking for that day. The main point is to MOVE, sweat and fill my lungs with air at least 5 times per week. Are you taking care of your body’s need for cardio, even if it’s going out for a walk? If you keep it varied, keep it simple based on what’s available to you each day, right inside or outside your own home, the chances of your getting to exercise will increase.

3.) Cook Your Own Food During the Week, Ahead of Time When Possible
Ever since I lost the baby weight by following a high lean protein, low to no carb diet this past Spring, I have learned to love cooking at home and eating really healthy foods. That way I know what’s in it and I can cook ahead of time, or stick with quick, easy to prepare foods during the week. Cooking and eating this way all week allow me to feel more free to have freedom on the weekends when we tend to be out and about, at parties and restaurants, more frequently.

4.) Go see an Acupuncturist
I currently see my old friend Juan Carlos Collins in San Francisco every 3 weeks for regular acupuncture and fertility-related acupuncture. I have also visited Daniela Freda in the Castro District for fertility-related treatments. Both of them are amazing. I try to make this part of my monthly self care, whether I am trying to conceive or not. The rest I get on the table is deeper than any other, and I can feel my digestion, energy and overall functioning improve after a treatment. The herbs are also an integral part of my self care routine.

5.) Meditate, Visualize and Journal
I attempt to meditate, visualize and journal once per day for a total of 20-30 minutes, in the morning when I’m lucky, or at any other time of day that my schedule allows, but morning is preferable for me. If everyday just isn’t happening, I shoot for five times per week, like cardio. I do various types of meditations, mostly centering, grounding, body scans and breath awareness. I do a standard journal exercise everyday and some weeks or months may expand these practices to include vision boards, communication practices with key people in my life, and other practices to help me reach my goals. I often supply these exercises to my coaching clients, which we discuss in our ongoing sessions.

These are my big 5 ways I take care of myself on a regular basis. I could not be the person I want to be, feel full up enough to care for my family and clients, or achieve my goals without these regular practices.

What about you? What allows you to follow through on self care? What stands in your way? How can you find the support to bring these into your life more regularly?

Please share!

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