Becoming a Second Time Parent


Are you contemplating the important question of whether to bring another child into your family? I went through the transition to second-time motherhood one year ago this month. Being a mom to two girls under 4 for the past 12 months has been amazing and challenging. I always thought if I had two Continue Reading

Family Time Management


When surveyed on topics they would most like to see in the newsletter, PAMP members responded that their number one interest was time management. Why is time management a top concern for PAMP members, and what can be done to address it? The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about Continue Reading

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto


As parents, we are often looking for the perfect answers about what our children most need from us. By the time many of us arrive at parenthood, we’ve often achieved success in our careers and feel as if we should be able to transfer that success to each of our interactions with our children. But Continue Reading

How Will You Care for Yourself This Year?

Kiran Gaind, Integral Coach

As a mom of two kids under age 5, I know how hard it can be to take care of yourself on a regular basis. And I don’t mean taking a shower or brushing your teeth. I mean something I call “self-care” — practicing self-nurturing and self-development. It may seem like the only people who engage Continue Reading

Why Ray of Light Coaching?

Kiran and Karuna

Some of you may be asking why my coaching practice for modern parents is called Ray of Light Coaching. First of all, what a coach really offers to her clients is herself: her personality, personal qualities, skills, attributes, attitudes, history and perspectives. What makes the coach as a human Continue Reading

What’s Your Type?

nine personality types on blackboard

The Enneagram is different from more commonly known personality typing tools, like the Meyer’s Briggs, used in traditional work environments, because it provides more than a static snapshot or box that people fit into in terms of their tendencies and behaviors. The Enneagram is an ancient Continue Reading

Does Balance Exist for Modern Parents?


Recently, I've talked with different parents and care providers about whether something called "balance" exists in a busy parent's life. Based on my own experience and those of others, when reflecting honestly, it doesn't seem to be a quality most parents are experiencing or can really hope to Continue Reading

5 Self Care Suggestions for Busy Parents


Ever since having my child I have needed to be extra conscious about taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. The weeks I fall off the self care wagon are harder - I have less patience, less compassion, working from a cup half empty than full. How do I take care of myself? Continue Reading

Building Emotional Understanding


I recently took a parenting class called Building Emotional Understanding and will be continuing with certification as an instructor of Parenting by Connection with a non profit organization in Palo Alto called Hand in Hand Parenting. Being a new parent of an infant is exhausting yet quite Continue Reading

Will you benefit from Integral Coaching ?

Are you feeling out of BALANCE? Stressed out Guilty about not spending enough time with family Lacking energy Not taking care of yourself Do you long for fulfillment and a sense of PURPOSE? Dream of creating a business Always wanted to pursue a creative passion Want to Continue Reading