Parenting by Connection

Responding to children’s behavior with love instead of fear (3 months)

If you find yourself stuck responding to your children’s behaviors with strategies that simply don’t work and feel ready to start fresh to re-establish the lasting, joyful connection with your child(ren) they all need and deserve, then Parenting by Connection is for you!

What you will get:

  • A 30 minute phone consultation.
  • A 90 minute intake session via phone, Skype or in person.
  • 7-10 coaching sessions lasting up to 3 months via phone, Skype or in person, during which you learn the 5 Parenting Tools that make up the Parenting by Connection Approach, receive support in implementing the tools and have space to reflect on your progress using the tools with your child(ren) and other parents.
  • A Home Visit by Kiran to support implementation of these tools.
  • Readings about Playful Parenting and parenting articles relevant to your situation.
  • Ongoing weekly listening partnership with another parent to share your ongoing parenting experiences with after our coaching sessions are complete, and listening training to support this work.

You will experience:

  • More calm
  • More presence with your child
  • More compassion in responding to your child’s needs
  • Success in using proven tools with your child’s behaviors
  • More connection, trust, closeness and openness in your relationship with your child
  • More joy

You will feel:

  • Relieved
  • Relaxed
  • Equipped and Ready
  • Present to your child’s reality
  • More joy and fun in your play with your child
  • More confident as a parent
  • More enjoyment in your parenting journey

You will be committing to:

  • Being open and trying new things with your child.
  • Letting go of the ways in which you were raised and what mainstream culture says you “should” do in response to your child’s behaviors.
  • Paying in two installments. The first one due before our first session, the second one due halfway through the program. Payments accepted via PayPal.

** Call (415) 377-6791 or email for current package pricing**

The cost of a previous package will be deducted from the next package if you decide to continue with more coaching.

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