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Kiran offers one on one coaching in her home office in Palo Alto, or for clients who live outside of Silicon Valley, she coaches via  video or phone.  Kiran’s one on one coaching packages start with a 90 minute intake session to gather the full picture of what a client’s goals and desired outcomes are.  Clients are given an Enneagram personality assessment and a core strengths assessment to round out the full picture of who they are, how they have typically been operating in all areas of their life and what are presenting as opportunities for growth and development in all major areas of life to create the transformation a client seeks.  Kiran offers 6 month coaching programs.  Paid hourly, one on one coaching costs $150 per hour.  Paid monthly, clients receive a $50 discount, paying $550 per month due on the first of the month.

Please call Kiran for a free 30 minute consultation at (415) 377-6791.


Kiran also offers a 6 week Parenting by Connection class at UME Play space in Menlo Park.  Her next class starts Thursday evening May 1 from 7-9pm and lasts 6 weeks through Thursday June 5.  For more information and to enroll, please visit and call Kiran at (415) 377-6791 for more information.