Finding Purpose as a Mompreneur

Jen Harris with her family

Jen Harris with her family

When I was planning our wedding in 2008 I was looking for the perfect photographer. I knew I’d find the right person when I saw the right image with a balance of artistry, emotional charge and that years-in-an-album memorability. When a google search landed me at Jen Harris’ gallery of wedding photography images, I knew in my gut I had found our match.

We had a relatively small wedding photography budget and I figured someone who produced this level of beauty in her images would charge at the highest rates. Most photographers I had started to explore were charging $5000 and more for one day of wedding shooting.

I picked up the phone and called her. In minutes, she was telling me her own story as a Mompreneur, how she decided to pursue her passion for photography as a home based business when she fell in love with capturing images of her own children. Creating this business gave her the opportunity to be with her children as often as she wanted to. And, she added, it wasn’t really about making money (gasp!) as much as it was about providing a high quality, relationship-building service to people during one of the most important times of their lives. Her values of quality, service, artistry and relationships come through in all of her photos and in her business. Continue Reading

Being Your Own Kind of Good Mom

Today I’m working from home because my daughter had a fever yesterday and couldn’t go to her nanny share today. I also have a sitter here playing with her while I meet with clients, write, study and go to appointments that are on my calendar. Being a mompreneur with my own business has allowed me the flexibility to be the kind of Mom I need to be on days like this. Sometimes I feel disorganized in the midst of juggling work, child care and my daughter’s calls for me. At others, I feel guilty when I compare myself to an ideal of being with my daughter all day every day, having no work outside of caring for my family. And most of the time, I feel thankful for the freedom to define my own motherhood journey as it feels right and balanced for me. Continue Reading