The Connected Family

Parenting Starting Where You Are + Parenting by Connection + Baby Proofing Your Partnership ALL IN ONE! (9 months)

The mother of all of Ray of Light’s Coaching packages, combining the self development and growth of Parenting Starting Where You Are, the shift to love-based parenting skills of Parenting by Connection and the partnership protection plan of Baby Proofing Your Partnership, all in one package, so you can create and sustain The Connected Family for years to come.

See Parenting Starting With Yourself, Parenting by Connection and Baby Proofing Your Partnership packages for complete descriptions of their services, which will be combined into one package lasting up to 9 months to make

The Connected Family

Call Kiran at (415) 377-6791 or email her at for current package pricing.

The cost of a previous package will be deducted from the cost of the following package if you decide to continue with further coaching.

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